Saturday , 10 October 2015

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How to sell a website

How to sell a website for top dollar

This week I am currently selling a fully developed websites and I thought I would share my experience and tips on how to sell a website for top dollar. Firstly some of the things we need to discuss are: Where should you sell your website? How to get maximum exposure How much should you sell your website for? Fees and ... Read More »

How to get your site indexed in Google’s search engine

site indexed in google

If you have created or website or thinking of building a website then you need to know how to get your website indexed by Google. Having your website ‘indexed’ means that Google will include your website in search results when someone enters a related key word into Google’s search engine. Most people will say it’s easy to submit a website ... Read More »

How to get more comments on your website

How to get more comments

If you own a website or blog it’s important to engage your readers and hopefully have your readers get active on your website and post comments. Comments not only assure the website owner that people actually are reading your articles but also give the poster review of their content and insight into further content your readers will be interested in. ... Read More »

How to make money blogging

Make Money Blogging -

Have you ever read a blog where the author states they make an online income just from blogging? Have you finished the article and thought I could write a blog like that? Well you can. Anyone can make money online blogging even beginners, if you’re reading this post I guarantee you, you could make money online blogging. Unfortunately not everyone ... Read More »

Best Logo Fonts

best logo fonts

When creating a logo for your business or website selecting the right font makes all the difference as the font is the main aspect of the logo. At Income Wired our goal is to bring our readers all the information they need in one convenient place to building a professional website and earning an online income; with that in mind ... Read More »

Free PSD logo templates


Free PSD logo templates available for download! Having trouble designing a logo for your new business? We have over seventy PSD logo templates to choose from that are completely customizable with Photoshop. Simply alter the text in Photoshop to include your business name and slogan. We’ve taken the hard work out of logos for you! To use simply click on ... Read More »

Building websites: a beginners tutorial

Building Websites

Building websites if you have had no experience can be a daunting thought, but it doesn’t need to be! At Income Wired we aim to show our readers anyone can build a professional website including beginners. If your interested in learning how to build a website we suggest reading: How to: Build a Free Website How to: Build a WordPress ... Read More »

Online income for beginners

online income for beginners

Welcome to IncomeWired! Have you ever wanted to learn how to make money online but not sure where to start? Income Wired’s mission is to provide our readers all the information they need to start earning an online income. We provide methods of income we have personally tried and tested and show our readers it is possible to earn an ... Read More »